The isle of La Maddalena 

Palau in the foreground and La Maddalena, with Santo Stefano on the right

This archipelago has recently been declared a National Park, with stringent protective rules. All visiting boats to the islands must pay an access fee and are subject to speed and anchoring controlls. Updated information should be sought before visiting the islands at the local ports of call, of La Maddalena, Palau or Porto Cervo.  

The beaches here are noted to be amongst the most beautiful of the world and the "Spiaggia Rosa", of a pink colour from the presence of coral grains, is one of the most photographed.


In Summer the gentle southern Scirocco wind provides comfortable sailing, but sudden changes to the north-western Mistral are quite frequent and can quickly gust up to 30 knots . However they are usually short-lived and the many islands will offer shelter in their lee side.

Caution should be taken before fronting a crossing to Corsica across the Bonifacio Straits by checking the weather reports, as the Mistral can blow quite strongly there. The French islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo are quite exposed, but should be visited, weather permitting.

The islands of the Archipleago:
      Caprera             16
      La Maddalena      
      Santa Maria  
      Santo Stefano

Lavezzi (Corsica)
Cavallo (Corsica)         


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