The  isle  of  Ponza

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Ponza is the main of the four Pontine Islands and well merits a visit. Though under the jurisdiction of the Lazio Region (Rome), these islands have more of the lively, colourful atmosphere of Naples, to which its inhabitants are closely related. Ponza is a pretty fishing town, with good restaurants and repair facilities, though the mooring can be uncomfortable when an easterly wind blows.

A circumnavigation of the island with a local is recommended, to have pointed out the many hidden caves, which can be entered with a tender, or with goggles and snorkel. There are many spectacular rock formations and the scenery is very varied. Ponza was a stopping place for the Phoenicians and also has some Roman remains.

ponza5a.jpg (13535 byte)  The cemetry      ponza4a.jpg (9877 byte) 

The cemetry should be visited by foot, being close to the town centre. A bus ride will take you overland to the other end of this small island. As for most of the Italian islands close to the mainland, the most crowded period is the first 20 days of August. Palmarola, six miles away is also a must, being a lovely protected reserve.

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