Map of Croatia

Population                                 4,494,000 Length of Coastline                     5835 kms   
Number of Islands                   1185 Number of First Class Marinas         Many

Croatia has much to offer to the cruising yachtsman, with its 5800 kms of coastline and its 1185 islands, of which only 66 are inhabited. 

Because of its long period under Communist rule, styfling development, it now finds itself with a relatively untouched coastline and pristine seas. However the new administrations have been active in organising their marinas and in a short time have managed to provide competitive services for yachtsmen. See the ACI Club (Adriatic Croatia International). 

The varied coastline of Croatia offers an ideal location for a sailing holiday and Dubrovik, on the southern tip of the country, is a lovely port of call.

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