The following are suggestions for the traveller making his base in Porto Cervo and with a hired a car. The sea-side towns can of course also be visited by boat.

Porto Rafael
As an itinerary for a day trip, I suggest driving towards Arzachena, stopping to see the Nuraghe, an archeological site on the left just before the town. Afterwards proceed to Palau, but before reaching the town, you turn left to Porto Rafael. This is the pretty little resort built by Rafael Neville, about a half hours drive from Porto Cervo. Park your car, then walk down to the very pretty little Piazza, passing by the tiny chapel on the right.

Palau - La Maddalena - Caprera
After this, you could go on to Palau. Drive right to the port and buy a ticket for passengers and car, then board the appropriate ferry. You arrive at La Maddalena after about 20 minutes. It is a lovely drive right around the whole island, going left when you get off the boat. It takes only about half an hour and when you are almost returned to the main town, turn left, over a little bridge to the island of Caprera.

Remember to bring your sandwich lunch for a picnic and swimming costume. On this island is the museum made in the original farm house of Garibaldi, the national hero who unified Italy. It is well worth a visit.

After returning with the ferry to Palau, turn left and follow the sea to the Orso, the large rock in the form of a big bear on the hill overlooking the sea. From there you should then follow the coast south to Cannigione, then to Baia Sardinia and then across to Porto Cervo.

San Pantaleo - 2 hour trip
This is a pretty town nestling in spectacular craggy mountains, only 15 minutes drive from Porto Cervo. It can be reached either from the road towards Olbia, or going towards Arzachena. There are road signs indicating San Pantaleo. The main piazza is delightful and if you are interested in naive paintings, you could visit Pat Steel, at her charming little house.

This trip could be extended to the Nuraghe near Arzachena, or to Cannigione.

Santa Teresa di Gallura - Bonifacio in Corsica
It's a one hour's drive from Porto Cervo to this pretty Sardinian town with a festive atmosphere about it. A must is a walk around the promontory of Capo Testa, with its wind-swept sculptured rocks, that inspired the sculptor, Henry Moore.
From Santa Teresa you can catch the ferry to Bonifacio in Corsica, an hour's trip. This is a fascinating town, hidden behind steep sandstone cliffs. Hundreds of good French restaurants. You can make a day trip out of it and get back in the evening.

Tempio Pausania, Monte Limbara, Aggius, Luogosanto and the Castle of Balaiana
This makes another pleasant day trip. From Arzachena go to Sant'Antonio, then detour right towards the Liscia Dam, to visit the millennium olive trees, which is a must. Perhaps a picnic lunch on Mont Limbara, the highest mountain of the area. Continue on to Tempio for a stroll around the old part of the town. Then on to Aggius, a pretty town built amongst the rocks. 


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